Navigation Elements and Animations with CSS3

Web developers who want to learn how to use the features of CSS3


Expected Duration
79 minutes

Effective navigation is a key element of good site design. CSS3 contains many features that allow you to configure and style navigation elements. In this course, you will learn how to apply these features and you will also learn how to use CSS3 animations to create dynamic and attractive sites.



  • start the course
  • use CSS to style links
  • use CSS to style a list to generate a vertical and horizontal nav bar and display descriptive information
  • use CSS to style nested lists for multilevel navigation
  • configure tabbed navigation using CSS
  • use lists and CSS to create flyout menus
  • use CSS to configure drop-down menus
  • use CSS to style a site map
  • use CSS to apply basic rollover effects to navigation options
  • use CSS to apply rollover images with an image sprite in navigation elements

Transitions and Transforms

  • use 2-D transforms of CSS to manipulate elements
  • use 3-D transforms of CSS to manipulate elements


  • use CSS to apply transitions to elements
  • use simple CSS keyframe animations
  • use CSS to apply basic animations to elements
  • apply advanced CSS animation techniques

Practice: Creating an Animated Menu

  • practice creating an animated menu using CSS3





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