Negotiation Essentials: What Is Negotiation?

Individuals who want to understand and develop their negotiation skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Everyone has to negotiate at some point in his or her life. Strong negotiations skills can be survival skills, both in and out of the workplace. But being able to negotiate successfully requires that you understand some of the basic concepts of negotiation. Negotiation has been described in many ways – getting what you want, reaching an agreement, influencing others, and bargaining. However you think of it, though, negotiation is a process in which two or more parties with different needs and goals work together to find a solution that is acceptable to all. This course defines negotiation and describes actions that can help you negotiate successfully. It also discusses two types of negotiation – distributive and integrative – that you will typically encounter in business. And finally, this course covers styles of negotiating.


What Is Negotiation?

  • recognize actions that can help you negotiate successfully
  • distinguish between characteristics of distributive and integrative negotiation
  • identify the negotiating style used in a given situation




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