Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals: Preparing to Negotiate

Sales professionals who want to develop or refine their sales negotiation skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Effective sales negotiation skills are essential for any successful sales professional. However, being able to maximize the value of your proposal for both you and your customer isn’t an easy task. This course provides direction on how to use a strategic negotiation process to strike effective, long-lasting, and profitable sales agreements with your customers. It focuses on the preparation stage of the process: setting clear objectives, prioritizing your concessions, and preparing thoroughly before you initiate negotiations. And it shows you how to conduct research in order to anticipate the customer’s needs and potential objectives so you can position yourself for success during the negotiation process.


Overview of the Sales Negotiation Process

  • match the stages of the sales negotiation process with corresponding activities
  • Preparing for the Sales Meeting

  • determine appropriate objectives for an upcoming sales meeting
  • recognize examples of sales agreement terms that contain value
  • determine how to handle potential areas of disagreement in preparation for a sales meeting




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