Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals: Reaching Agreement

Sales professionals who want to develop or refine their sales negotiation skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

One of the most difficult tasks in sales negotiations is overcoming barriers to agreement and closing the deal. Being able to understand and anticipate certain barriers is an essential skill for every sales professional. This course provides instruction on the following barriers to agreement: deadlock situations, a customer who doesn’t trust you, and negotiation tactics designed to force your price down. It also covers strategies for overcoming each of these barriers, and it provides an opportunity to practice the strategies in a realistic simulation.


Recognizing and Overcoming Barriers to Agreement

  • recognize strategies for instilling trust in a customer during a sales negotiation
  • recognize strategies for overcoming interpersonal barriers during a sales negotiation
  • recognize strategies for overcoming deadlock during a sales negotiation
  • use strategies to overcome barriers during a sales negotiation




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