Negotiation Skills for Sales Professionals: Value Exchange

Sales professionals who want to develop or refine their sales negotiation skills

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Negotiating concessions and exchanging value are integral aspects of any sales negotiation process. But when is the best time to make concessions? And how do you make concessions effectively so that you maximize the value of your proposal to the other side and maintain a position of power? This course provides detailed instructions on how to use concessions to achieve agreement during a sales negotiation. It covers guidelines for when to stand your ground and when to give ground, and you’ll also have a chance to practice your negotiation skills in a realistic simulation in the final topic of the course.


Strategies for Trading Concessions

  • recognize examples of appropriate concessions to make during a sales negotiation
  • recognize examples of appropriately timed concessions
  • recognize examples of strategies for offering concessions
  • use value exchange strategies during a sales negotiation




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