.NET Solution Vision and Requirements

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To establish the steps and techniques needed to define a solution vision and gather and analyze requirements

Target Audience

A wide range of IT professionals, including system architects, systems analysts, developers, consultants, and those wishing to learn more about designing solutions


Experience of designing, developing, and implementing software solutions

Expected Duration

240 min.

Course Objectives

.NET Solution Vision and Requirements

  • develop a solution vision, given a specified business problem.
  • assess the project scope and risk, given a specified business problem.
  • follow the procedures for analyzing the current business state, given a business situation.
  • employ the best practice strategies to gather and analyze business requirements.
  • define the scope of a project solution, given project variables.
  • identify use cases and derive usage scenarios, given a specified business situation.
  • identify localization, globalization, and accessibility requirements.
  • analyze user requirements, given a specified business situation.
  • identify the availability and reliability requirements of a business solution application.
  • identify deployment and security requirements for a reliable business application.
  • identify and analyze requirements for the IT environment, scalability, and maintainability, given a business situation.
  • determine operational requirements, given a business situation.