Network Troubleshooting

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To describe a working methodology and tools and utilities that can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot network problems

Target Audience

Network engineers, network architects, internetworking engineers, LAN and WAN administrators, systems administrators, systems managers, intranet administrators. Network support staff and anybody interested in learning the fundamentals of computer networks.


A basic understanding of computing and internetworking technologies; achievement of i-Net+ and A+ certification is recommended but not required; experience in network support or administration is desirable

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

Network Troubleshooting

  • recognize the types of documentation and technical support options available for troubleshooting networks.
  • recognize the features and functionality of common network troubleshooting tools.
  • recognize how log files and network diagnostics utilities are used in network troubleshooting.
  • determine the most appropriate network troubleshooting tool to use in a given scenario.
  • sequence the steps in a network troubleshooting methodology.
  • troubleshoot Internet connectivity and name resolution problems on a network.
  • troubleshoot LAN communication issues and problems with local hosts.
  • use a systematic troubleshooting methodology to resolve a network problem.