Networker Integration Workshop

Application and backup administrators who need a deeper understanding of NetWorker integration with applications and hardware components


  • NetWorker Installation, Configuration, and Administration
  • An understanding of:

Microsoft Windows
Network administration in a TCP/IP environment
EMC NetWorker
Microsoft SQL
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SharePoint
Microsoft Hyper-V
Oracle databases
VMware vSphere
SAP and BRTools

Expected Duration
5 day


This course focuses on optimizing EMC NetWorker performance and integrating with EMC backup products, Microsoft applications, virtual environments, Oracle, and SAP. You will learn about operational best practices as well as configuring and performing backup and recovery of the listed applications. This course provides you with hands-on labs to reinforce the training.


1. NetWorker Performance Management

  • NetWorker Process Communication
  • Sizing NetWorker for Best Performance
  • NetWorker Performance Best Practices
  • Backup and Recovery Best Practices

2. NetWorker Integration with Avamar

  • Capabilities and Use Cases
  • Configuring the Integration

3. NetWorker Integration with Data Domain

  • NetWorker to DD Integration and Use Cases
  • Configuring NetWorker Integration with Data Domain

4. NetWorker Integration with Microsoft SQL

  • Microsoft SQL VSS-based backup with NMM
  • Microsoft SQL VSS-based recovery with NMM
  • Microsoft SQL VDI-based backup with NMM
  • Microsoft SQL VDI-based recovery with NMM

5. NetWorker Integration with Microsoft Exchange

  • Exchange Backup with NMM
  • Exchange Mailbox Database Recovery
  • Exchange Granular Level Recovery
  • Exchange DAG backup and recovery with NMM

6. NetWorker Integration with Microsoft SharePoint

  • NMM and SharePoint Backup
  • Microsoft SharePoint Backup and Recovery with NMM

7. NetWorker Integration with Microsoft Hyper-V

  • NMM Configuration or Hyper-V Backup
  • NMM Configuration for Hyper-V Recovery

8. NetWorker Integration with Oracle

  • Oracle and NMDA Overview
  • Oracle Database Backup with NMDA
  • Oracle Database Recovery with NMDA

9. NetWorker Integration with VMware

  • VMware Data Protection Fundamentals
  • EMC Backup and Recovery Appliance Overview
  • EBR Installation and Configuration
  • VMware Backup and Recovery with NetWorker and EBR

10. NetWorker Snapshot Management

  • NetWorker Snapshot Management Overview
  • NSM Requirements and Configuration Checker
  • NSM File System Backup and Recovery
  • NSM Application Backup and Recovery

11. NetWorker Integration with SAP

  • SAP and NMSAP Overview
  • SAP Backup with NMSAP
  • SAP Recovery with NMSAP
  • SAP HANA Backup and Recovery with NMSAP



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