New Features for PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access in Office 2010

Individual and corporate end-users with a working knowledge of Office 2003’s standard functionality and general computing skills

None applicable

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Since the release of the Microsoft Office 2003 suite of products, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access have all undergone significant changes – both to the interface and the range of available features. The Fluent User Interface (UI), now available in all products in Office 2010, gives a consistent look and feel across applications. PowerPoint 2010 aims to make presentation creation more efficient and presentations themselves more visually impressive. Publisher has undergone similar changes, enhancing the creation of high-quality publications. Access 2010 simplifies database creation, makes data accessible from any location, and provides enhanced navigation controls for accessing data.
This course covers the new features of PowerPoint 2010, Publisher 2010, and Access 2010 including changes to the interface and key functional improvements and enhancements.


New Features of PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access

  • use the new features of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to enhance and share your presentations
  • recognize key new features of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 interface
  • identify key new and enhanced features in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
  • use Microsoft Publisher 2010’s new and enhanced features
  • recognize key new features of the Microsoft Publisher 2010 interface
  • using new features in Access 2010
  • identify key new features in Microsoft Access 2010
  • merge and enhance presentations using PowerPoint 2010
  • create a PDF flyer using Microsoft Publisher 2010
  • create a database using Microsoft Access 2010





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