Node.js: Debugging, Testing, Deploying, and Maintaining Node Applications

Web developers who want to learn how to debug, test, deploy, and maintain Node.js applications


Expected Duration
169 minutes

Node.js is a server-side framework that uses an event driven asynchronous model and is built on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript runtime engine. This course demonstrates how to debug, test, deploy, and maintain Node.js applications.


Debugging Applications in Development

  • start the course
  • describe the native Node.js console, its use of stdout and stderr and configure code to instantiate and log debugging information to the console
  • use the core Node.js debugger
  • debug a Node.js application using Node Inspector


  • define both test driven development (TDD) and behavior driven development (BDD) use the Node.js assert module to test applications
  • use the Node.js nodeunit module to implement unit testing in applications
  • describe Mocha and how its installed and apply synchronous and asynchronous tests using Mocha
  • use expresso.js and should.js to implement testing in Node.js
  • describe and use the Vows framework to test Node.js applications
  • describe and use Chai as part of a testing solution for Node.js applications
  • use SuperTest to implement Node.js server testing
  • use Mocha and SuperAgent to test Node.js servers that implement REST API

Code Coverage Reporting

  • use the Istanbul code coverage tool with Node.js applications
  • use node-cover to provide code coverage reports for Node.js applications

Deployment and Publishing

  • identify how to use Git for deployment of source code and version control
  • deploy a Node.js application to Amazon Web Services
  • deploy a Node.js application to Windows Azure
  • define Nodejitsu and deploy a Node.js application to Nodejitsu
  • describe the benefits of Heroku and deploy a Node.js application to Heroku
  • publish Node.js modules to NPM

Maintaining Node.js Applications

  • use the forever module to keep processes running
  • create a Node.js DNS lookup application

Practice: Testing, Deployment, and Maintenance

  • practice implementing testing, deployment and maintenance solutions for Node.js applications





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