Node.js: Express Applications and the MEAN Stack

Web developers who want to learn how to use Node.js to create web applications using Express and MEAN Stack approaches


Expected Duration
173 minutes

Node.js is a server-side framework that uses an event driven asynchronous model and is built on the Google Chrome V8 JavaScript runtime engine. This course demonstrates how to create server side web applications using Express as well as how to create web applications using the MEAN Stack.


Getting Started with Express and Jade

  • start the course
  • describe Express.js, its characteristics and role in creating applications with Node.js and describe how to install Express
  • describe the structure of an Express app file
  • use Express to create a basic application
  • describe the Jade HTML framework and its syntax
  • work with Jade in Node.js Applications
  • describe Handlebars and its features and use it in Node.js applications

Working with Express

  • configure routing solutions using inline callbacks and external modules in Node.js applications
  • parse and use route parameters in an Express app
  • configure routes in an Express 4.0 app using the Router object
  • manage failed requests in a Node.js applications
  • describe the Domain error handling module and use it to track Express route errors
  • create Express routes that represent a RESTful API
  • use a Mongo database to store data in a RESTful API server

Practice: Creating a REST API Server using MongoDB

  • practice creating a REST API Server using Express and MongoDB

Working with MEAN Stack Apps

  • describe the MEAN Stack
  • manually setup the Node and Express portions of a MEAN app
  • manually add routes for a RESTful API to a MEAN app
  • manually setup the MongoDB database portion of a MEAN app
  • use the Bower module to manage client side dependencies
  • create an AngularJS service to be used as part of an AngularJS applicaton
  • create an AngularJS controller to be used an part of an AngularJS application
  • refactor a MEAN Stack app to make use or modules
  • create a MEAN Stack app using a Yeoman generator

Practice: Creating a MEAN Stack App

  • practice creating a MEAN Stack app





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