Non-Cellular Wireless Technology

Technical professionals; IT and business managers who need to learn about emerging broadband wireless technologies; students studying or researching broadband wireless communications and technologies

An understanding of the basic concepts of cellular, mobile, and fixed wireless technology and the fundamental principles underpinning their operation

Expected Duration
150 minutes

To explain non-cellular wireless technology


Non-Cellular Wireless Technology

  • compare the standards and solutions in place for wireless LANs.
  • recognize the features of current and future IEEE 802.11 standards.
  • compare IEEE 802.11 and UWB technologies.
  • distinguish between the various wireless standards.
  • recognize how WiMax will achieve wireless broadband.
  • recognize the role of IEEE 802.16-2004 in wireless broadband access.
  • recognize the advantages of IEEE 802.20 for users.
  • compare the IEEE standards 802.16e and 802.20 as competitive technologies.
  • compare IEEE standards 802.16e and 802.20 as competitive technologies.




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