Nuisance Dust

All employees with the potential to be exposed to nuisance dust at work


Expected Duration
28 minutes

The devastating effects of some dust, such as asbestos, coal, and silica, are well known to industry, occupational health professionals, and workers. However, improved understanding shows that prolonged occupational exposures, even at relatively low levels, to substances previously regarded as innocuous, have the potential to cause serious health problems, especially for lungs. This increases the need to protect workers against all nuisance dust exposure. This course aims to educate workers who may be exposed to nuisance dust about its potential harmful effects, typical signs and routes of exposure, and what can be done to protect workers. While it is up to employers to protect workers, how workers can take an active role in their own protection is emphasized throughout this course.


Working Safely with Nuisance Dust

  • identify where different types of dust settle in the body
  • identify characteristics of nuisance dust
  • recognize symptoms that indicate possible exposure to nuisance dust
  • recognize factors that impact potential exposure to nuisance dust
  • recognize what you can do to protect yourself from harmful exposure, given the control method
  • recognize the protection provided by each control method in the hierarchy of controls





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