Oracle 11i: Concurrent Elements

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To submit and manage requests, create request groups and request sets, and identify the concepts and tools associated with concurrency and concurrency administration

Target Audience

Technical consultants; functional implementers; system analysts and any individual who is responsible for implementing and managing the 11i E-Business Suite


Familiarity with the Oracle 11i E-Business Suite to a level commensurate with the SkillSoft 11i E-Business Suite: Essentials for Implementers learning path

Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle 11i: Concurrent Elements

  • use Standard Request Submission (SRS) to submit and schedule requests.
  • perform request-management tasks.
  • schedule and manage concurrent requests, given a scenario.
  • identify the methods for monitoring concurrent requests.
  • create standard and coded request groups.
  • perform the tasks to create request sets.
  • create a standard request group and finish creating a request set, given a scenario.
  • identify the key concepts associated with concurrent processing.
  • recognize key concepts associated with specializing a concurrent manager, action types, and request types.
  • identify the means by which concurrency can be managed.