Oracle Application Server 10g: OracleAS Portal

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To demonstrate how to manage OracleAS Portal

Target Audience

DBAs, developers, and other IT professionals planning to take Oracle Application Server 10g certification examinations; anyone interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Application Server 10g


Working experience with Linux operating systems; some experience in Internet-based-application administration and development would be beneficial

Expected Duration

185 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Application Server 10g: OracleAS Portal

  • define the roles of the key utilities of OracleAS Portal.
  • create and manage OracleAS Portal schemas and users.
  • perform some of the core management tasks associated with OracleAS Portal groups.
  • perform management tasks for an OracleAS Portal user and group in a given scenario.
  • perform portlet repository management tasks in OracleAS Portal.
  • export and import objects in OracleAS Portal.
  • perform the appropriate portlet repository and export/import tasks in a given scenario.
  • configure self-registration and view OraDAV configuration for OracleAS Portal.
  • configure language support and portal dependencies in OracleAS Portal.
  • configure some core features of OracleAS Portal in a given scenario.