Oracle Database 10g: Managing Backup and Recovery Release 2

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To discuss how to manage backup and recovery in an Oracle 10g database

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to learn about Oracle Database 10g database administration


An understanding of database concepts and technologies

Expected Duration

240 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Database 10g: Managing Backup and Recovery Release 2

  • recognize the types of database failure that can occur in an Oracle 10g database and identify possible solutions.
  • recognize how to tune instance recovery and configure a database for maximum recoverability.
  • recognize how to multiplex the Oracle 10g redo log and archive redo log files.
  • configure a database for backup and recovery.
  • recognize how to configure and manage database backups.
  • recognize how to schedule database backups and back up control files to trace.
  • configure database backups.
  • back up a database.
  • identify the types of media failure that can cause an instance to fail.
  • recover from the loss of control files, redo log files, and datafiles.
  • recognize how to perform flashback recovery operations in Oracle database 10g.
  • recover a database.