Oracle Database 10g: New Storage Features

This course is included in our On-demand training solution.


To identify the new storage features of Oracle Database 10g

Target Audience

Oracle 9i certified professionals who wish to upgrade to Oracle Database 10g certification; developers interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 10g


Experience in the administration of Oracle 8i or 9i databases

Expected Duration

180 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Database 10g: New Storage Features

  • use the tools to manage the SYSAUX tablespace and its occupants in Oracle Database 10g.
  • rename a tablespace and define a default permanent tablespace in Oracle Database 10g.
  • identify the code used to copy and transfer database files in Oracle Database 10g.
  • move a tablespace occupant and edit the tablespace properties in a given scenario in Oracle Database 10g using EM.
  • differentiate the components of the new Automatic Storage Management (ASM) architecture in Oracle Database 10g.
  • identify the processes associated with ASM instance administration, startup, and shutdown.
  • follow the GUI-based and code-based steps to administer disk groups in Oracle Database 10g.
  • use the appropriate commands and views to administer Automatic Storage Management (ASM) files and templates in Oracle Database 10g.
  • create a disk group and add a disk in Oracle Database 10g in a given scenario.