Oracle Database 11g: Architecture, SQL Tuning, and Optimization

Support engineers, developers, technical consultants, data warehouse developers, and application developers.

Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQLOracle Database 11g: SQL Fundamentals I

Expected Duration
120 minutes

The Oracle Database server consists of an Oracle Database and one or more Oracle Database instances. SQL (Structured Query Language) is the language with which all programs and users access an Oracle Database. Monitoring the performance of and tuning database components, as well as the SQL statements used to access and manipulate the database, helps to ensure the Oracle Database server runs efficiently and as expected. This course explores the major architectural components of the Oracle Database server, memory structures, background processes, and physical and logical storage structures. It also examines SQL tuning, identifying the attributes of a SQL statement that can make it perform poorly, SQL tuning tools, and common tuning tasks. The steps involved in the execution of a SQL statement, the optimizer and its phases, and controlling optimizer behavior are also covered.


Database Architecture and SQL Tuning

  • recognize Oracle database structures
  • recognize how to manage memory and database structures
  • identify SQL statements that cause poor performance
  • identify tools and tasks in SQL tuning

SQL Processing and the Optimizer

  • recognize how SQL statement execution works
  • recognize the basic features of the optimizer
  • avoid common SQL mistakes
  • recognize optimizer decisions in a given scenario





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