Oracle Database 11g: Basic User and Strong Authentication

Database administrators, security administrators, security compliance auditors, security compliance professionals

The learner is assumed to have working experience with Oracle Database 11g or have taken the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I and Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II courses. The Oracle Database 11g: Implementing Database Vault and Oracle 10g: Implementing Audit Vault courses are also recommended.

Expected Duration
90 minutes

A basic security requirement is that you must know your users. You must identify them before you can determine their privileges and access rights, so that you can audit their actions on the data. This course covers creating and auditing database authenticated users and operating-system-authenticated users. It explores authenticating users with passwords or the operating system, and protecting passwords and database link passwords. In addition, this course describes strong authentication that uses certificates, Kerberos, and remote authentication dial-in service (RADIUS), as well as a setup for strong authentication that uses certificates, Kerberos, and key distribution center (KDC). How to implement the secure external password store is also covered.


Using Authentication

  • recognize how to perform basic user authentication
  • recognize the features of strong authentication
  • configure strong authentication
  • implement OS authentication of a local user
  • use passwords in authentication
  • view the contents of the wallet





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