Oracle Database 11g: Database Performance and Space Management

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To identify the steps for making sure your Oracle Database 11g database is performing well and has adequate space, by monitoring statistics, tuning SQL, testing workloads, managing space, and transporting tablespaces.

Target Audience

Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer Support Engineers, and Technical Administrators.


Working knowledge of SQL. Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL. Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I

Expected Duration

160 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Database 11g: Database Performance and Space Management

  • identify the tuning steps required to establish the Oracle Database 11g environment.
  • identify the steps for monitoring and managing session performance using Enterprise Manager, views, Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) statistics, and SQL advisors.
  • recognize the steps for using the SQL Tuning Advisor and SQL Access Advisors to analyze SQL statements and improve data retrieval.
  • recognize the general steps required to capture a production workload and replay it in a test environment, using the Database Replay feature.
  • identify a high load SQL statement and then tune it using the SQL Tuning Advisor.
  • recognize the steps for generally managing and monitoring space in Oracle Database 11g.
  • recognize the steps for shrinking segments and reclaiming available space using the Segment Advisor and resumable statements.
  • identify the steps for moving large volumes of data between two Oracle Database 11g databases, using transportable tablespaces.