Oracle Database 11g: Database Replay and Automatic SQL Tuning

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Explain the benefits and uses of Oracle Database 11g’s crucial developer tools, Database Replay and Automatic SQL Tuning, when setting up and testing a database

Target Audience

Oracle Database certified professionals who wish to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g certification; developers interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 11g; DBA’s considering upgrading their systems to 11g


The learner should have knowledge of Oracle Database 10g at least commensurate with that required to perform an administrator role

Expected Duration

155 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Database 11g: Database Replay and Automatic SQL Tuning

  • recognize the benefits of using Database Replay and the concepts and reasons behind recreating a production database workload in a test environment.
  • identify the scope of Database Replay’s capabilities by recognizing the supported database changes and workloads, as well as some of the considerations and available options during capture, replay and replay analysis.
  • identify the steps for running Database Replay using the Capture Wizard in Enterprise Manager.
  • recognize the steps for replaying workload using the Replay Workload Wizard and also using PL/SQL to do the same, as well as calibrating replay clients.
  • identify the steps for capturing the workload for a small application using Database Replay and replaying it to get the same results as during the original execution.
  • run Database Replay in Enterprise Manager.
  • recognize how SQL tuning can benefit developers in improving the performance of SQL statements, and identify the methods and DBA controls that you can use in Oracle Database 11g to run the Automatic SQL Tuning feature.
  • identify the general steps and concepts behind configuring Automatic SQL Tuning, reviewing results, and performing a fine tune using PL/SQL.
  • recognize the steps for executing Automatic SQL Tuning and viewing its results.