Oracle Database 11g: Database Security

Database administrators, security administrators, security compliance auditors, security compliance professionals

The learner is assumed to have working experience with Oracle Database 11g or have taken the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I and Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II courses. The Oracle Database 11g: Implementing Database Vault and Oracle 10g: Implementing Audit Vault courses are also recommended.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Oracle Database server is highly secure, but to fully maximize the security features offered, the database must be well protected as well. This course explores how to configure Oracle Database 11g in a secure manner by adhering to industry standard best security practices for operational database deployments. It covers applying the principle of least privilege to the database, locking and expiring default user accounts, changing default user passwords, creating strong passwords, enforcing password management, and protecting the data dictionary.


Database Security Settings

  • configure database security in Oracle Database 11g
  • recognize how to manage accounts in Oracle Database 11g
  • manage passwords in Oracle Database 11g
  • recognize ways to protect the data dictionary
  • use the Configuration Management Pack
  • manage passwords
  • manage violations in Oracle 11g





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