Oracle Database 11g: Diagnosing Oracle Clusterware and Node Management

Database administrators, consultants, and IT professionals who are personally interested in updating their Oracle skills.

Before taking this course, it is recommended that the student have a general understanding of database administration, as well as the skills and knowledge commensurate with Oracle’s Database 11g: Administration Workshop I and Workshop II, or equivalent experience.

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Problems that occur with Oracle RAC instances can be difficult to diagnose because they span across two or more nodes in a cluster. Oracle Database 11g provides various methods for diagnosing and debugging Oracle Clusterware and RAC components.
This course discusses the basics of debugging and the use of diagnostics in a RAC environment, including how to use Oracle Clusterware diagnostic files, the DIAG process, and the Cluster Verification Utility (CVU). In addition, it explains and demonstrates in detail the steps involved in adding and removing nodes and instances in a RAC cluster using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA). Adding an instance to a RAC Database using Enterprise Manager (EM) is also covered.


Diagnosing and Debugging Clusterware and RAC

  • recognize how to carry out diagnostics-related activities on Oracle Clusterware components
  • identify how to enable debugging in RAC
  • add a node to a RAC cluster

Adding and Removing Nodes in a RAC Cluster

  • recognize how to add nodes and instances in a RAC database
  • recognize how to delete nodes and instances in a RAC database





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