Oracle Database 11g: Getting Started With PL/SQL

System analysts, PL/SQL developers, forms and application developers, database administrators, technical consultants, and portal developers.

Previous programming experience and knowledge of SQL

Expected Duration
115 minutes

To identify the steps for getting started with PL/SQL, recognizing the benefits of the available tools, creating basic statements, declaring variables, testing code, and adhering to scoping and nesting rules.


Oracle Database 11g: Getting Started With PL/SQL

  • recognize the features and capabilities of SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, and JDeveloper.
  • identify the features and benefits of PL/SQL and identify the steps for building basic PL/SQL blocks.
  • identify the steps for declaring and initializing PL/SQL variables.
  • identify the uses of different PL/SQL data types, the %TYPE attribute, and BIND variables.
  • identify the steps for constructing executable statements using various PL/SQL block elements.
  • evaluate a block of PL/SQL code with respect to scoping and nesting rules, and write and test PL/SQL blocks.




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