Oracle Database 11g: High Availability in RAC

Database administrators, consultants, and IT professionals who are personally interested in updating their Oracle skills.

Before taking this course, it is recommended that the student have a general understanding of database administration, as well as the skills and knowledge commensurate with Oracle’s Database 11g: Administration Workshop I and Workshop II, or equivalent experience.

Expected Duration
120 minutes

In Oracle Database 11g, RAC and Data Guard together provide the benefits of system-level, site-level, and data-level protection, resulting in high levels of availability and disaster recovery without loss of data.
This course explains how to configure connections for high availability using various types of workload distribution and load balancing, including Fast Application Notification (FAN), Fast Connection Failover (FCF), and Transparent Application Failover (TAF). It also discusses designing for high availability by minimizing downtime using Data Guard, Data Guard Broker, rolling upgrades, ASM, various forms of RAID, and Extended RAC.


Configuring Connections for High Availability

  • recognize how to configure workload distribution features
  • identify the characteristics and benefits of Fast Application Notification
  • recognize how to configure server-side callouts
  • recognize how to use the Load Balancing Advisory
  • recognize how to configure TAF
  • download patch updates and set ASM preferred disks

Designing for High Availability

  • identify how RAC and Data Guard provide protection during downtime
  • recognize the function of the Oracle Data Guard Broker
  • recognize how to perform rolling upgrades
  • recognize which mirroring and striping configurations provide the best availability
  • identify how to use extended RAC connectivity
  • recognize how to configure preferred mirror reads





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