Oracle Database 11g: Managing Resources and Task Automation

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To identify ways to ensure that resources are being put to best use and database jobs are performed when they should be, using the Database Resource Manager and the Scheduler.

Target Audience

Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer Support Engineers, and Technical Administrators.


Working knowledge of SQL. Oracle Database 11g: Introduction to SQL. Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop I

Expected Duration

115 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Database 11g: Managing Resources and Task Automation

  • identify the steps for accessing and creating resource plans and consumer groups using the Database Resource Manager.
  • identify the steps for planning and monitoring resource allocation to consumer groups, using resource plan directives.
  • use the Database Resource Manager to address system resource utilization and control in a given scenario.
  • recognize the steps for using the Scheduler to create, schedule and monitor regular and lightweight jobs.
  • distinguish between time-based and event-based schedules for executing jobs and job chains using the Scheduler.
  • recognize the steps for performing advanced Scheduler administration to manage job windows, prioritize jobs, and make the best use of resources.