Oracle Database 11g: Manipulating Queries and Data

Business and systems analysts, application developers, PL/SQL developers, forms developers, and data warehouse administrators.

Familiarity with data processing concepts and techniques

Expected Duration
115 minutes

To identify the steps for manipulating queries to return the data you need, using subqueries and set operators, and also for manipulating the actual data using INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and other data manipulation language (DML) statements.


Oracle Database 11g: Manipulating Queries and Data

  • recognize the steps for using subqueries inside other queries to perform various actions.
  • identify the steps for using set operators to combine the results of two or more queries.
  • write queries using set operators.
  • identify the steps for adding new rows to a table, modifying table data, and removing rows.
  • recognize the steps for controlling database transactions, and implementing read consistency.
  • insert, update and delete rows in a table, and control data transactions to it.




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