Oracle Database 11g: Oracle Label Security and the Data Masking Pack

Database administrators, security administrators, security compliance auditors, security compliance professionals

The learner is assumed to have working experience with Oracle Database 11g or have taken the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I and Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II courses. The Oracle Database 11g: Implementing Database Vault and Oracle 10g: Implementing Audit Vault courses are also recommended.

Expected Duration
120 minutes

Oracle Label Security is a powerful tool for classifying data and mediating access to data based on its classification. It provides an easy-to-implement row-level security solution and is built on the fine-grained access control technology of the virtual private database (VPD). This course describes Oracle Label Security, including label concepts and access mediation, as well as when to use Oracle Label Security. It also explores creating policies, defining data labels, applying policies to tables, and setting up user authorizations.
Data masking is the process of replacing sensitive information with realistic data based on masking rules. Data masking is used so that data can be shared with nonproduction users such as testing companies. This course also covers creating masking formats, managing format library, masking sensitive and confidential data, and creating custom reports.


Oracle Label Security

  • recognize how Oracle Label Security works
  • recognize how to create a policy
  • recognize how data labels are created
  • create labels and policies in Oracle Database 11g
  • apply policies in Oracle Database 11g
  • test access control

The Data Masking Pack

  • recognize how data masking works
  • create and use data masking
  • use the Data Masking Pack





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