Oracle Database 11g: Packages, Dynamic SQL, and Coding Considerations

System analysts, PL/SQL developers, forms and application developers, database administrators, technical consultants, and portal developers.

Previous programming experience and knowledge of SQL

Expected Duration
140 minutes

To recognize the steps for creating and using efficient PL/SQL packages, including Oracle-supplied packages, executing dynamic SQL, and improving the performance of code.


Oracle Database 11g: Packages, Dynamic SQL, and Coding Considerations

  • recognize the steps for overloading subprograms, using forward declarations, writing package initialization blocks, and maintaining persistent package state.
  • identify the steps for using the Oracle-supplied packages DBMS_OUTPUT, UTL_FILE, and UTL_MAIL.
  • recognize the steps for using Oracle-supplied packages to generate a simple Web page and schedule PL/SQL code for execution.
  • identify the steps for constructing and executing SQL statements at run time, using native dynamic SQL statements in PL/SQL.
  • alter a package so that it contains overloaded subprograms, use an Oracle-supplied package, and execute dynamic SQL in a given scenario.
  • identify the steps for designing packages so that code is easy to maintain, efficient, and readable, and so that PL/SQL applications perform better.
  • Identify the steps for binding whole arrays of values in a single operation, and for retrieving information about a row affected by a SQL operation.




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