Oracle Database 11g: Privileges, Roles, and Application Contexts

Database administrators, security administrators, security compliance auditors, security compliance professionals

The learner is assumed to have working experience with Oracle Database 11g or have taken the Oracle Database 11g: Administration I and Oracle Database 11g: Administration Workshop II courses. The Oracle Database 11g: Implementing Database Vault and Oracle 10g: Implementing Audit Vault courses are also recommended.

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Authorization is the process that determines the privileges that the user is allowed to exercise. In the Oracle database, authorization is determined by the grant of system and object privileges. This course covers implementing roles, enterprise roles, and the securing of objects through procedures. It also describes how secure application roles work and how to manage roles and users by using secure application roles. An application context is a memory container with read-only attributes, which can be used in your application. How an application context is used, the sources of application context values, implementing a local context, and implementing an application context that is accessed globally are also covered.


Privileges, Roles, and Application Contexts

  • recognize how roles and privileges can be used
  • recognize how to use secure application roles
  • recognize how an application context is used
  • recognize how to implement an application context accessed globally
  • use roles in Oracle Database 11g
  • use application context in Oracle Database 11g





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