Oracle Database 11g: Querying a Database with SQL

Business and systems analysts, application developers, PL/SQL developers, forms developers, and data warehouse administrators.

Familiarity with data processing concepts and techniques

Expected Duration
130 minutes

To identify the concepts and components of an Oracle Database 11g database, recognize how to retrieve information from it using SQL, and identify the steps for sorting, limiting, modifying, and formatting this information.


Oracle Database 11g: Querying a Database with SQL

  • identify the functions, capabilities, and terminology associated with Oracle Database 11g’s components and relational databases in general.
  • recognize the steps for using Oracle SQL Developer to create a new database connection and browse tables.
  • recognize the steps for using the SQL SELECT statement to retrieve different sets of data from a database.
  • recognize the steps for limiting and ordering the rows returned by a SQL query.
  • recognize ways to sort data returned by a SQL query, using substitution variables as well as the DEFINE and VERIFY commands.
  • recognize the steps for using SQL functions to modify, format, and otherwise manipulate returned data.
  • identify and write SQL queries to display, sort, and format output in a given scenario.




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