Oracle Database 11g: RAC Performance Tuning

Database administrators, consultants, and IT professionals who are personally interested in updating their Oracle skills.

Before taking this course, it is recommended that the student have a general understanding of database administration, as well as the skills and knowledge commensurate with Oracle’s Database 11g: Administration Workshop I and Workshop II, or equivalent experience.

Expected Duration
90 minutes

Performance Tuning uses diagnostic tools to gather statistics, statistic rates, and sampled statistics in order to tune the database system to provide the best performance as efficiently as possible. Although there are specific tuning areas for Oracle Database 11g: RAC, such as instance recovery and interconnect traffic, you will get the best performance by tuning your RAC system the same as you would with a single-instance system. The same tuning tools are available for RAC as would be for a single-instance system.
This course explains instance recovery in RAC, describes RAC wait events and latencies, and provides the most common RAC tips for tuning performance in a RAC environment. It also discusses how to monitor and diagnose RAC performance using Enterprise Manager and Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM). In addition, it demonstrates in detail how to use the Cluster Database Performance pages to monitor RAC database and cluster performance.


RAC Instance Recovery and Performance Tuning

  • identify how instance recovery works in a RAC environment
  • recognize typical wait events and latencies for RAC
  • identify the most common RAC tuning tips
  • identify factors that affect tuning in a RAC environment

Monitoring RAC Performance Using EM and ADDM

  • recognize how to use the Cluster Database Performance pages to monitor RAC database and cluster performance
  • recognize how to discover RAC performance problems using ADDM and Enterprise Manager
  • recognize how to fix performance problems in RAC
  • discover RAC performance problems using Enterprise Manager





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