Oracle Database 11g Release 2: Managing Database Memory and Performance

Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer Support Engineers, and Technical Administrators

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

Because there is a finite amount of memory available on a database server and on an Oracle Database 11g instance, you must pay attention to how memory is allocated. Also, database planning must include a balance between performance, cost, and reliability. You must consider the investment in the system architecture, which includes the hardware and software infrastructure needed to meet your requirements. This course explores the database’s memory structures, focusing on how to configure SGA parameters and how to implement Automatic Memory Management and Automatic Shared Memory Management, and how to configure automatic PGA memory management. This course also explains how to monitor the performance of sessions and services, including how the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) works, and how to use the SQL Tuning Advisor to identify and tune SQL statements that are using the most resources. This course also describes the benefits of Database Replay within your Oracle environment.
This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Oracle Database 11g: Administration II (1Z0-053) exam.


Managing Memory

  • identify the functions of different memory structures in Oracle Database 11g
  • implement Automatic Memory Management
  • implement Automatic Shared Memory Management

Managing Database Performance

  • tune the Oracle Database 11g environment
  • manage the performance of sessions and services
  • use the SQL Tuning Advisor to manage the performance of SQL statements
  • use the SQL Access Advisor to manage the performance of SQL statements
  • use the SQL Performance Analyzer
  • manage memory issues in Oracle Database
  • manage database performance issues





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