Oracle Database 11g Release 2: The RMAN Catalog and Creating Backups

Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer Support Engineers, and Technical Administrators

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Expected Duration
120 minutes

RMAN uses a recovery catalog to store metadata about Oracle databases, and allows stored scripts to be used to run sequences of RMAN commands stored in the catalog. When administering an Oracle Database, it is important to be familiar with what a backup is, how the process of creating a backup is completed, and the various types of backups available. This knowledge allows you to make an informed decision on the best way to maintain the integrity of your data and the availability of your database. This course discusses how to create and manage the recovery catalog. It also explains how to configure backup specifications, including methods of optimizing a backup and how to use RMAN to create backups. This course is one of a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Oracle Database 11g: Administration II (1Z0-053) exam.


The RMAN Recovery Catalog

  • identify the characteristics of the RMAN recovery catalog
  • use RMAN stored scripts
  • identify the steps for backing up a recovery catalog
  • use virtual private catalogs
  • configure a recovery catalog

Creating Backups with RMAN

  • recognize the processes involved in preparing and optimizing a database for a backup
  • create fast incremental backup and duplex backup sets using RMAN
  • identify the features of archival backups
  • create and manage backups using RMAN





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