Oracle Database 11g: SecureFiles and Miscellaneous New Features

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Recognize the steps for enhancing the performance of large objects, caching query results, and performing other miscellaneous tasks in Oracle Database 11g.

Target Audience

Oracle Database certified professionals who wish to upgrade to Oracle Database 11g certification; developers interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 11g; DBA’s considering upgrading their systems to 11g


The learner should have knowledge of Oracle Database 10g at least commensurate with that required to perform an administrator role

Expected Duration

140 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle Database 11g: SecureFiles and Miscellaneous New Features

  • identify the ways in which SecureFiles enhance the performance of large object (LOB) data types.
  • recognize the steps for migrating to SecureFiles and for creating, altering, accessing, and monitoring them.
  • identify the steps for using SecureFiles for compression, data encryption, and performance.
  • identify the benefits of SQL Query Result Cache and PL/SQL Function Cache, as well as using other Oracle Database 11g enhancements to online redefinition, locking mechanisms, and invisible indexes.
  • recognize the benefits of PL/SQL native compilation enhancements, Adaptive Cursor sharing, and temporary tablespace shrink.
  • identify the steps using the SQL Query Result Cache in Oracle Database 11g.
  • identify ways of employing the SQL Query Result Cache in a given scenario.