Oracle Database 11g: Using Subqueries and Regular Expressions

Database Administrators, Database Designers, Developer Support Engineers, and Technical Administrators.

Familiarity with Data Processing Concepts and Techniques. Ability to use a graphical user interface (GUI).

Expected Duration
110 minutes

To recognize the steps for retrieving data using subqueries and using regular expressions to search for, match, and replace strings.


Oracle Database 11g: Using Subqueries and Regular Expressions

  • identify the steps for writing multiple-column and scalar subqueries.
  • recognize the steps for solving problems by using correlated subqueries and the WITH clause.
  • write multiple-column, correlated, and scalar subqueries in a given scenario and solve a problem using the WITH clause.
  • recognize the benefits of implementing complex match logic in the database, using regular expressions.
  • identify the steps for using regular expressions functions and for accessing subexpressions.
  • use regular expression functions to search for, replace, and manipulate data, and also add a CHECK constraint to a column.




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