Oracle Database 12c – Backup and Recovery: Performing and Managing Backups

Database administrators, support engineers, technical administrators, and data warehouse administrators who wish to develop appropriate strategies for backup, restore, and recovery procedures


Expected Duration
116 minutes

Oracle Database 12c allows backups to be performed and managed using Recovery Manager, RMAN. Multiple different backup strategies can be used that are a combination of different types of backups, including incremental, full, block media recovery, and encrypted backups. This course will discuss and demonstrate how to identify backup requirements and strategies as well as how to perform and manage backups. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that helps prepare the learner for the Backup and Recovery portion of the Oracle exam 1Z0-063, Oracle Database 12c: Advanced Administration.


Backup Strategies and Terminology

  • start the course
  • identify backup and restore requirements
  • describe backup strategies
  • identify the best practices to backup and recover a data warehouse
  • create backup sets and images
  • create a whole database backup
  • schedule backups in a given scenario

Performing Backups

  • identify the different RMAN backup types
  • perform incremental backups
  • configure block change tracking
  • use an Oracle-suggested backup strategy
  • view information on backups
  • manage backups in a given scenario
  • create an incremental backup strategy using different levels of backups

Improving Backups

  • describe backup compression
  • use media manager
  • back up very large database files using multisection backups
  • create proxy, duplexed, and backup sets
  • create archival backups
  • back up database files, including control files, ASM disk groups, and recovery files

RMAN-Encrypted Backups

  • identify the RMAN-encrypted backup modes
  • use transparent-mode encryption
  • use password-mode and dual-mode backup encryption
  • restore an encrypted backup

Practice: Performing and Managing Backups

  • perform different types of backups using RMAN





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