Oracle Database 12c: Transporting Databases and Managing Data

Oracle Database Certified Professionals looking to upgrade their certification to Oracle Database 12c and Administrators, Database Administrators, and System Administrators who interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 12c and who may be considering upgrading their systems to the newest version.


Expected Duration
90 minutes

Oracle Database 12c offers new and enhanced features providing better importing and exporting of databases and data. These features include support for CDB and PDBs and better handing of the data being moved. Also provided are better features to allow DBAs to create and manage partitioned tables and indexes and stored large amounts of data within a column. This course will discuss the new and enhanced features of Oracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader and external tables. It will also demonstrate how to use the new features for partitioned tables and indexes and SQL. This course will discuss and show how to use these new and enhanced features. This course is one in a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the 1Z0-060: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c certification exam.


Transporting Databases and SQL*Loader

  • sequence the steps to complete a full transport of a database using Oracle Data Pump Full Transportable
  • describe how the new Data Pump features in Oracle Database 12c is used
  • identify how to use the new SQL*Loader features in Oracle Database 12c
  • manage partitions in a given scenario in Oracle Database 12c
  • recognize how to create and maintain partial local and global indexes for partitioned tables
  • recognize how to configure extended datatypes in Oracle Database 12c
  • use the row-limiting clause in a given scenario
  • use the new and enhanced features of Data Pump, Partitioning, and SQL in a given scenario





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