Oracle Database 12c: Using Automatic Data Optimization, Storage, and Archiving

Oracle Database Certified Professionals looking to upgrade their certification to Oracle Database 12c and Administrators, Database Administrators, and System Administrators who interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Database 12c and who may be considering upgrading their systems to the newest version.


Expected Duration
90 minutes

Oracle Database 12c offers multiple features to enable customers to implement an ILM strategy. These features include Heat Map and Automatic Data Optimization to create policies, as well as In-Database Archiving and Temporal Validity to archive data. This course describes how to use Heat Map and ADO to implement an ILM strategy along with partitioning and compression. It also describes how to use the Online Move data file, Online Move partition, In-Database Archiving, and Temporal Validity features to manage database storage and data archiving. This course is one in a series in the SkillSoft learning path that covers the objectives for the 1Z0-060: Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c certification exam.


Use ILM Features

  • sequence the steps taken to configure Heat Map and ADO in a given scenario
  • identify how to create ADO compression policies
  • identify how to manage ADO policies
  • identify how to monitor ADO using views and procedures

Move, Archive, and Temporal Data

  • identify statements that describe how to move a data file and partitions online
  • identify how In-Database Archiving is used within the Oracle 12c environment
  • identify how Temporal Validity is used within the Oracle 12c environment
  • identify how to use ILM features, In-Database Archiving, and Temporal Validity in a given scenario





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