Oracle-Supplied Packages and DBMS_SCHEDULER

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To use Oracle-supplied packages

Target Audience

Database administrators, application developers, and database operators


Familiarity with Oracle Database 10g database technology; an understanding of the basic concepts of relational databases, the SQL programming language, and stored procedures; ability to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables, create database objects, and query metadata

Expected Duration

165 min.

Course Objectives

Oracle-Supplied Packages and DBMS_SCHEDULER

  • use the DBMS_OUTPUT package to send a message from a subprogram and a trigger.
  • use the UTL_FILE package to access and modify a text file in a given scenario.
  • generate and invoke an HTML document using the HTP package in iSQL*Plus.
  • install the UTL_MAIL package and use it to send mail.
  • use the UTL_FILE, HTP, and UTL_MAIL packages to interact with system files, generate HTML, and send mail.
  • identify the architectural components of DBMS_SCHEDULER and recognize their associated features and functionality.
  • use DBMS_SCHEDULER procedures to create a job.
  • use DBMS_SCHEDULER to schedule, manage, and view a job.
  • create and administer jobs using DBMS_SCHEDULER.