OracleAS 10g: High Availability

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To explain high availability and its importance from the perspective of application servers and discuss the high availability features in Oracle Application Server at the OC4J level

Target Audience

DBAs, developers, and other IT professionals planning to take Oracle Application Server 10g certification examinations; anyone interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Application Server 10g


Working experience with Linux operating systems; some experience in Internet-based-application administration and development would be beneficial; a good understanding of Oracle Application Server components and concepts

Expected Duration

150 min.

Course Objectives

OracleAS 10g: High Availability

  • recognize the concepts associated with high availability and identify the features of Oracle’s end-to-end high availability solution.
  • determine the appropriate method of providing high availability for applications and the middle tier.
  • determine the appropriate method of providing high availability for OracleAS Infrastructure using clustering.
  • outline the site-to-site high availability solution for OracleAS Infrastructure.
  • determine a high availability solution for a given scenario.
  • identify the benefits of J2EE clustering and the configuration of islands.
  • recognize the concepts involved in session and application replication for high availability solutions.
  • create an OC4J island, configure state replication, and monitor virtual machine metrics.
  • configure clustering of OC4J Java Virtual Machines.