OracleAS 10g: Managing Customized Topologies and Distributing Infrastructure Components

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To discuss common deployment topologies and to explain how to install and configure Oracle Application Server components to suit different needs

Target Audience

DBAs, developers, and other IT professionals planning to take Oracle Application Server 10g certification examinations; anyone interested in the technical aspects of Oracle Application Server 10g


Working experience with Linux operating systems; some experience in Internet-based-application administration and development would be beneficial; a good understanding of Oracle Application Server components and concepts

Expected Duration

185 min.

Course Objectives

OracleAS 10g: Managing Customized Topologies and Distributing Infrastructure Components

  • identify some of the new features available for managing customized topologies and recognize some of the key deployment considerations.
  • identify the main considerations for evaluating general development topologies.
  • identify key considerations when evaluating the departmental, development life cycle, and data centre topologies.
  • evaluate recommended development and deployment topologies.
  • recognize the features of Cold Failover Clusters, Active Failover Clusters, and Identity Management replication as part of high availability deployments.
  • identify how to use multiple metadata repositories and list the requirements for installing OracleAS Infrastructure using an existing Oracle9i database.
  • install OracleAS Infrastructure by using an existing Infrastructure component.
  • install a Metadata Repository into an existing database and install the Infrastructure using the existing repository.
  • identify how to upgrade a distributed OracleAS environment and recognize the effect of an upgrade on system availability.
  • identify the steps involved in the procedure for upgrading the middle tier, Metadata Repository, and Identity Management Services.
  • identify how to upgrade a system to Oracle AS 10g.