Organizational Structure and Employee Behavior

Human resources, managers, supervisors, team members, and anyone who is interested in improving the behavior variables within their organization

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

The structure of an organization, including the complexity of the management hierarchy and the nature of the authority and reporting flow, can affect all aspects of employee interaction and overall behavior in the company. The organizational structure is the formal framework for communication and authority, and must be designed in a way that enables a company to achieve its mission, goals, and objectives. In this course, you’ll learn how to instill positive employee behavior within your organizational structure. You’ll first learn about the elements of an organizational structure that can affect employee behavior and how those elements play out in different types of organizational structures – functional, divisional, and matrix. You’ll also learn about the measures you can take to help ensure employees adapt to the organizational culture. And finally, you’ll learn how to enrich the jobs of your employees by determining the best method of job redesign for an employee.


Organizational Structures and the Employee

  • recognize the advantages of each organizational structure from an employee’s perspective
  • match elements of organizational structure that can affect behavior to examples
  • recognize what management can do to ensure employees adapt to the organizational structure
  • determine the most appropriate method of job redesign for a given job




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