Organizations Change So Get Ready

Individuals who wish to develop or refine their skills for dealing with organizational change


Expected Duration
30 minutes

A change in your work situation – whether good or bad – can create a period of uncertainty, stress, and anxiety while you adjust. A clear understanding of what organizational change is, and what to expect when dealing with it, can shorten the period of adjustment so you can get back on track sooner. In this course, you’ll explore organizational change and the typical events that can trigger it. You’ll also learn about the three specific types of organizational change, common reactions to organizational change, and the stages you can expect to go through when dealing with organizational change.


Preparing for Organizational Change

  • recognize the benefits of accepting organizational change
  • distinguish between examples of internal and external triggers of organizational change
  • match types of organizational change to corresponding examples
  • match common reactions to change with corresponding examples of individuals exhibiting those reactions
  • sequence the stages of reacting to change
  • determine how an organizational change will impact an employee over time, given the person’s initial reaction
  • recognize the importance of learning how to prepare for change
  • use strategies to ready yourself for organizational changes




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