Outlook Web Access 2007 Advanced Features

A range of in-training or established professionals needing to learn how to use Outlook Web Access 2007 without any experience with the specific product.

Basic computing and word-processing skills, familiarity with some web and design terminology, and experience working in a Microsoft Windows environment.

Expected Duration
60 minutes

Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 offers an improved interface for accessing data, along with improvements to security that make common tasks such as accessing attachments more securely. The new WebReady Document Viewing feature allows users to view attachments as web pages, eliminating the need to have common applications such as Word or Power Point installed to view a specific attachment. LinkAccess features provide a way for users to access internal documents from outside of the company firewall while logged on to OWA. New junk mail and anti-phishing features strengthen OWA 2007, making it the most secure release of Outlook Web Access to date. This course covers the basics involved with everyday data access, along with new security features that both Administrators and Clients should be familiar with.


Customizing Outlook Web Access 2007

  • configure e-mail and calendar options for OWA 2007
  • configure e-mail and calendar settings in OWA 2007

Outlook Web Access 2007 Data Access and Security

  • view an attachment as a web page in OWA 2007
  • use LinkAccess feature to access documents in OWA 2007
  • recognize examples of phishing e-mails
  • recognize the appropriate response to a phishing e-mail
  • access documents through WebReady Document Viewing and LinkAccess in OWA 2007





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