Overcoming Challenges When Managing Experts

Managers who want to develop or refine their skills for working with staff members who have expert knowledge in an area that the manager does not

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

Getting the most out of your experts can sometimes be difficult. They might display characteristics that on the surface seem unmanageable. You have to carefully plan how you interact with such challenging experts if you want them to help you in a productive way.
This course explores ways you can promote harmonious working relationships with your experts by using assertiveness, respect, and facilitation. It also shows how, by setting clear expectations and dealing with situations and employees fairly, you can overcome common challenges that managers face when working with expert employees. Because experts have a certain amount of control over work completion, the course explains how managers can deal with this control. And it presents specific management strategies for managing experts.


Overcoming Challenges When Managing Experts

  • match keys for managing experts with examples of their application
  • recognize how to respond to a particular challenging expert
  • recognize how to manage a challenging expert in a given situation
  • manage a challenging expert in a given scenario




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