Palo Alto Networks: Firewall 7.1: Manage Cyberthreats

In this course, you will learn strategies in defense against advanced threats to better understand the threat landscape. You will learn the use of Palo Alto Networks next-generation firewalls, including the WildFire™ product.


  • Manage advanced threats using security policies, profiles, and signatures to protect networks against emerging threats

Target Audience

  • Firewall administrators
  • Network security administrators
  • Technical professionals


  • An understanding of network concepts, including routing, switching, and IP addressing
  • In-depth knowledge of port-based security and security technologies such as IPX, proxy, and content filtering

Expected Duration

2 day

Course Objectives

1. Course Introduction

2. Threat Landscape

  • Palo Alto Networks Technologies
  • WildFire Architecture
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Threat Management Strategies

3. Integrated Approach to Threat Protection

  • Apply Best Practices
  • Reduce the Attack Surface
  • Control Attack Methodology

4. Handling Known Threats

  • Configuring Security Profiles
  • Zone and DoS Protection
  • Control Advance Threat Enablers
  • Handling Drive-By Downloads

5. Investigating Attacks

  • Threat Vault
  • Wildfire Logs and Reports
  • Log Correlation
  • Using AppScope
  • Creating Custom App-IDs

6. Dealing with Zero-Day Attacks

  • Researching Threat Events
  • Identifying Unknown Threats
  • Finding Infected Hosts

7. Creating Custom Threat Signatures

  • Build Custom Signatures
  • Create Emerging Threat Signature