Path Selection, Dial-Peers and H.323 and SIP Gateways

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Call routing and path selection are skills that help telecommunication engineers save on toll charges. Business today will be using several different call control options in the network and the skilled IT professional will be able to differentiate between them. In this course, you will discover the path selection process of the Cisco Unified Communications Manager as well as dial-peer implementation and H.323, SIP gateway configuration.

Target Audience

Today’s IT Telecommunications Engineer working with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager must understand the basic foundation of the call agent. If you are interested in persuing CCNP collaboration, this course is necessary. Today there is a need for dedicated individuals focused on the Collaboration solution and Cisco recommends a Chief Collaboration Officer position for focus on voice and video technologies. Anyone interested in implementing or supporting the Cisco IP Telephony and Video solutions should also consider this course.



Expected Duration

90 min.

Course Objectives

Course Introduction

Path Selection

  • configure path selection
  • Path Selection Configuration Elements (Part 1)

  • configure path selection elements in Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Path Selection Configuration Elements (Part 2)

  • describe local route group functionality and configure route lists
  • Route Pattern Configuration Example (Part 1)

  • configure route patterns
  • Route Pattern Configuration Example (Part 2)

  • describe route pattern configuration
  • Multi-Path Digit Manipulation Requirements

  • describe digit manipulation requirements with multiple paths
  • CUCM Digit Manipulation Methods

  • describe Cisco Unified Communications Manager digit manipulation methods
  • Digit Manipulation Flow (Call to PSTN)

  • configure digit manipulation (outgoing call to PSTN)
  • Digit Manipulation Flow Example

  • configure digit manipulation (incoming call to PSTN)
  • H.323 and SIP Gateway Overview

  • describe H.323 and SIP gateway
  • H.323 and SIP Gateway Configuration

  • configure H.323 and SIP gateway
  • Voice Gateway Call Legs

  • describe voice gateway call legs
  • Inbound Dial Peer Selection

  • describe inbound dial peer selection
  • Outbound Dial Peer Selection

  • describe outbound dial peer selection
  • Outbound Peer Topology

  • describe outbound peer topology
  • Main Digit Manipulation Mechanisms (Part 1)

  • describe main digit manipulation mechanisms
  • Main Digit Manipulation Mechanisms (Part 2)

  • describe voice translation rules
  • Codec Configuration

  • describe codec configuration
  • Calling Privileges on Gateways

  • describe calling privileges on gateways
  • Exercise: Inbound Dial Peer Selection

    Exercise: Outbound Dial Peer Selection