Performance Appraisal Essentials: Conducting Traditional Appraisals

Managers who wish to develop or refine their skills for planning and delivering employee performance appraisals

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

If you were to poll a group of managers about how comfortable they feel conducting appraisals, you would probably find few saying they feel completely comfortable. Conducting appraisals isn’t easy but it’s an important part of a manager’s job. Regularly appraising your employees’ job performance can reinforce outstanding performance, as well as help your direct reports improve below average performance. This increases productivity and helps you build better relationships with your team. To increase your comfort level with conducting appraisals, you should try to become familiar with the areas to be covered during the actual meeting and with skills and techniques for addressing the appraisee. This course describes ways to prepare for appraisal meetings, as well as how to carry out those meetings effectively by following certain steps and guidelines. In particular, it demonstrates what to do when an employee becomes emotional during an appraisal. Materials designed to support blended learning activities aligned with this course are available from the Resources Page.


Conducting Traditional Performance Appraisals

  • recognize how to prepare for performance appraisal meetings with employees
  • match the steps in conducting performance appraisals with examples that illustrate how to carry out those steps appropriately
  • deal with an emotional response from an appraisee in a given scenario




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