Performing with Others under Pressure

Individuals who want to develop their abilities to manage the stress that comes with working under pressure and anyone who wants to develop or refine their skills for performing under pressure

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Expected Duration
60 minutes

High-pressure environments can be hard on professional relationships. You can so easily get caught up with a major project or looming deadline that your interpersonal skills slip. Under pressure, you may start to make instinctive emotional reactions as your awareness of others’ feelings fades. But, to be as effective as possible, you need the support of others, and high-pressure situations are no exception.
This course helps you develop skills you need to recognize your personal reaction to pressure and how it impacts your relationships with others. It shows how you can consciously control your interpersonal reactions when under pressure and how to avoid unnecessary tensions. And it details a step-by-step process you can use to stay in control when you’re faced with a high-pressure interaction. This all enables you to recognize the importance of professional relationships, and it helps you to stay in control and make the right moves when you’re performing with others under pressure.


Performing With Others under Pressure

  • Classify negative reactions to pressure in the workplace
  • match activities to steps for managing your reactions to pressure
  • recognize how to deal with a colleague under pressure
  • recognize how to prepare for a potentially stressful interaction





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